Movie Review: Man of Steel aka I’m Tired and My Eye Balls Hate Me


Tonight I went to see Man of Steel with my buddy Jason McCullough. Jason is a fellow Nerd and us Nerds thought that a Saturday night well spent would be to Nerd out on Zach Snyder’s “Superman Reboot”.

$15 fucking dollars to see it in 3D. Not IMAX 3D, but regular old Digital 3D?. C’mon! Peasant 3D?

Seriously $15 bucks. That’s a lot of money for us workin’ type folks.

First let me say that the movie was AWESOME!

I still cherish the Christopher Reeves version of Superman, But he flew a lot slower than Henry Cavill.

Henry’s superman broke the sound barrier in this version of the film and that’s pretty super don’t ya think? I will always have a special place in my heart, as a Nerd, who affectionately read Superman comics in my youth and grew up with Reeve’s version, but Mr. Reeves flew real slow.

I can’t get over how slow he was flying in comparison to this movie. It’s 2013 and the special effects are really awesome now.

Remember back when George Lucas and Industrial Light & Magic changed how movies would be made forever with a little independent film called Star Wars?

I compare the effects in this movie to the ground breaking work that Lucas did on Star Wars. It was that mind blowing.

What that mean is that this new version of Superman can fly so fast it hurts your eyes while watching the movie.

Thanks Mr. Lucas. I think.

My eyes don’t thank you at all. In fact, my eyeballs hurt.

I’m not hating on the original Superman movie. Gene Hackman was Lex Luthor and that equals AWESOME.

Has Gene Hackman ever given a bad performance No! I don’t think he has. He’s always awesome, even if the movie is shit.

A movie might suck but Gene Hackman can say “Not my fault, I did my part”. I even liked the Superman Returns quasi reboot and I liked Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor. Again Kevin Spacey, like Gene Hackman doesn’t suck.

Back to this version…

In every other version of the back story – how Clark Kent finds himself on earth was a quick summary to the effect of “Krypton is dying. The planet is doomed.

OH shit we have a son says “Jayrel to his wife”. Let’s put our new born infant into a spaceship and send him away form this catastrophe so that he may survive.

In a nutshell.

This version marks the first time a writer ever put any serious effort into explaining Kalel’s departure from Krytpon. I really enjoyed the political angle and the realistic argument between General Zod, the counsel and Kalel.

It gave a better window into “what’s worth dying for?”

Besides the the fact the planet was doomed.

In this Superman retelling Kalel fights back to save the Kyrptonian species while General Zod is doing what he feels is right.

Ya know, by using force. Like all good villains.

While Zod is still wrong (not wrong for a good movie plot) it adds more drama. More of a dichotomy to the backstory. Not just a villain because you’re told so – this reboot has a villain that you can identify with.

This movie also has really good special effects. So good in fact my eyes hurt, as I mentioned before. They still hurt!

My only question other than “Whoa! Did superman just break Zod’s neck?” is: Why did half of New York City have to die in this movie? Was it because Zod was so bad, as a villain, that a crap load of New Yorkers had to die for it to be realistic, as if an advanced pissed off alien come to earth and laid waste? Or was it an oversight by the writers and producers of this film?

Bottom line is that while this movie is flawed and raises some series questions for fans, it’s still a good movie to see. Especially in theaters.

Make sure your eyes are up for it.